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The documents you need to hold onto as an NP that no one tells you about

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When I was a new grad nurse practitioner, I wasn’t aware of many things transitioning into practice. One of the annoying things I wish I had known about was what documents and records I needed to be keeping for easy access for those who needed them.

Instead, I learned what I needed to have had in retrospect, for example, when HR or the credentialing team at jobs needed certain records. I realized that some of these required documents were needed many years after graduating and that I needed to keep track of these records for many years.

Important documents to keep on file

So, what are some important documents you need to be holding onto in an easily accessible area like in a Google drive folder on your computer?

Here are a few:

  • MSN diploma
  • Board certification certificate
  • Certificates of completed continuing education hours (i.e., pharmacology credits)
  • Copy of your collaborative agreement (if you live in a state that requires you have one)
  • Copy of your malpractice insurance policy (can be requested from your employer if they cover the costs)
  • Your CAQH login information
  • Passport or birth certificate
  • Copy of DEA license

There might be a few other records or documents you might need to have easily accessible, but these documents listed above are a good starter set.

Why keep a record of important documents

It’s important to create an organized digital folder to house these documents. It’ll help ease stress for future you when these documents are urgently asked for (as if you keep a copy of your MSN diploma on you at all times…).

These documents are important to have even years down the road as an NP. Many of these documents are requested and required whenever you get credentialed by an insurance company at a new job.  

Keeping organized ahead of time, in a proactive manner, with a system to hold these records is important. Your employer will be grateful for your quick turnaround, and your future self will thank you when you easily produce these documents.