NP for NPs Course


Learn to navigate successfully as a new Nurse Practitioner from graduation through your first NP job…without doubt, uncertainty, or headache.


Our Why

Dr. Claire Ellerbrock graduated from her MSN program feeling anxious and uncertain about the transition into practice.

She doubted herself, her abilities, and lacked confidence in her education’s preparation for the role of a nurse practitioner.

She was able to find a good job after school, and for a period of time, she felt great!

The hardest work was behind her.

…or so she thought.

Claire quickly experienced difficulties with feeling overwhelmed by seeing complex patients and feeling alone without a support network.

She had many questions and stressors throughout her transition into practice. Mistakes were made along the way, simply because she didn’t really know what she was getting into.

She realized over time she could have had a much better experience in this transition from graduation into practice if she had been guided and advised about the landmines along with way by a more experienced nurse practitioner. Claire started seeing new NP grads enter into practice with the same anxiety and doubt she had struggled with as a new grad.

That’s why Claire created NP for NPs: Unsure to Unstoppable. To show you that YOU can successfully navigate into practice without doubt or uncertainty. You just need the right person to show you how.

Who is the course for?

I created NP for NPs to help new nurse practitioners (in ALL specialties) find their way during the transition from NP student to NP in practice. To move from unsure to unstoppable!


There’s no better time to prepare for your transition into practice than before you transition into practice! The perfect time to take the course is in your last year of NP school. Successfully prepare for your first job by proactively writing a stellar resume, practicing interviewing, negotiating and more!


Another optimal time to take this course is just after graduation. Use this time to prepare wisely for getting board-certified, licensed, interviewing, negotiating job offers, and feeling absolutely confident in your skills as a new Nurse Practitioner.

Make the transition successfully as an NP

Join the course today to STOP the guessing game and get a complete roadmap to eveeything you need to do from Graduation to landing your first job as a nurse practitioner

What does the course include?

NP for NPs: Unsure to Unstoppable is designed to help final semester NP students and new grads transition successfully into practice with 3 different offer package options. We hope that these 3 different price points allows for ANYONE who wants to take the course may afford to do so.

The Pro Package Includes:

Video & Workbook

The course includes videos and the complete Unsure to Unstoppable workbook and written modules. Perfect for all types of learners.

8 Course Modules

Covering overything from what you need to do while still in school to landing your 1st NP job.

Scripts and samples

Includes sample cover letter. Perfect Thank You script to send a prospective employer following an interview. Sample professional resume. Sample Standard Care Arrangement/Collaborative agreement.

Anytime Access to Claire

Anytime access to Claire via email/text to support you on your journey to finding your perfect nurse practitioner dream job!



The course is set up to help you through each step you need to take from graduation through your first job to transition with success and ease.

The course is designed to walk you through the natural steps you need to take, in the order you need to take them.

Fortunately the course works very well if you go at your own pace. And you get lifetime access when you sign up.

The workbook is a great supplement to the video course which provides more in-depth explanations as well as pdf supplements to keep you organized.

The video course also includes many ‘extras’ not covered in the workbook such as: a complete list of interview questions that YOU need answered before taking a job, a complete list of all the negotiable items to consider in any offer contract, a sample cover letter and resume, the perfect Thank You script following an interview, and a sample Standard Care Arrangement.

While the Workbook extensively covers necessary material, the video course is exhaustive and provides more supplemental information that is easy to tailor for your own needs.

If I can’t help you navigate your transition into practice then I don’t want your money. That has always been the case at NP for NPs. Within 30 days of signing up, just let me know the course isn’t for you, I’ll refund you every penny.

We think you'd be a great fit for the course

We think our course, NP for NPs: Unsure to Unstoppable, is the perfect way to create success in transitioning into practice as a nurse practitioner. Find your dream job, write the perfect resume, interview effectively, and negotiate the best offer contract. Gain CONFIDENCE and clarity in your role.

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