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Helping nurse practitioners enter practice with clarity & confidence so you can deliver your natural talents to the world.

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NP for NPs exists to help final semester nurse practitioner (NP) students and new graduates successfully navigate the transition into practice. The guesswork and questions of “what do I need to do first or next?” are answered and explained. 

We offer step by step, nurtured guidance of the steps to take to make the transition into practice confidently, without doubt, or uncertainty. 

I had a tougher time than I’d like to admit when I was entering practice and because of this, I am passionate about helping other NPs avoid the overwhelm, stress, and uncertainty I endured.

NPs should enter practice with agency, feeling empowered and recognizing your value as an NP.

Have you asked yourself these questions before as a nurse practitioner (NP) student or recent grad?

I firmly believe all new NPs, regardless of specialty, deserve to enter practice feeling prepared, self-assured, and knowing the answers to all these questions. 

Need Help Negotiating Contracts as a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

Negotiating Nurse Practitioner contracts can be an intimidating thought. Where to begin? Am I qualified enough to even negotiate my job contract?

Let us do the hard work for you! With NP for NP’s Negotiating Guide you’ll get all the tools to learn how to negotiate like a PRO.

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In today’s episode, I’m joined by Claire Ellerbrock, DNP, who shares her wisdom surrounding successful negotiation and more…

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Keith and Claire discuss the challenges faced by new NPs, underserved populations, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders, tribal health, and the trend toward the DNP.

What is NP for Nurse practitioners (nps)?

NP for NPs is an online resource to help new nurse practitioners find their way during the transition from NP student to NP in practice. To move from unsure to unstoppable.

My company, NP for NPs, is dual meaning. It means me (an NP) is here for all of you (NPs making their way into practice). NP for NPs also stands for, Nurtured Path for Nurse Practitioners. I want the journey NPs take to be nurtured and supported as I wish mine had been. My course is a road map that guides students through the steps to take from someone who has been there and recognizes what needs to be done, in what order and way, to enter practice feeling unstoppable. 

What We Offer

Are you an NP student or recent nurse practitioner graduate? We think you’ll love what NP for NPs has to offer! 

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NP Student & Recent Grad Course

NP for NPs: Unsure to Unstoppable course is designed to help final semester NP students and new grads transition successfully into practice with 3 different offer package options.

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Products & Resources!

Whether you need help studying for a big CORE exam or need resources on how to negotiate effectively, NP for NPs has the FREE resources that are valuable to YOU.


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Check out NP for NP's blog where you can find relevant and valuable posts to help you stay ahead of the game as an NP.

What is Offered in the NP for Nurse Practitioners (NPS) Course

Video & Workbook

The course includes videos, templates, and the complete Unsure to Unstoppable workbook and written modules. Perfect for all types of learners.

8 Course Modules

Covering everything from what you need to do while still in school to landing your 1st NP job.

Scripts and samples

Includes sample cover letter. Perfect Thank You script to send a prospective employer following an interview. Sample professional resume. Sample Standard Care Arrangement/Collaborative agreement.

Anytime Access to Claire

Anytime access to Claire via email/text to support you on your journey to finding your perfect nurse practitioner dream job!

Are you struggling to find a Nurse Practitioner (NP) preceptor?

Grab our Guide to Finding an NP Preceptor right now to get ACTIONABLE steps and resources to successfully find your preceptor. Oh and did we mention, it's free!

We think you'd be a great fit for the course

We think our course, NP for NPs: Unsure to Unstoppable, is the perfect way to create success in transitioning into practice as a nurse practitioner. Find your dream job, write the perfect resume, interview effectively, and negotiate the best offer contract. Gain CONFIDENCE and clarity in your role.

NP Course

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